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Gerhard Richter's Kerze

Take a closer look at this illuminating painting by one of our greatest contemporary artists, explored by auctioneer Francis Outred in a short film made for Christies in 2011.  


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Absolutely beautiful and very moving.

Anonymous Thu, 23/12/2021 - 11:39 Permalink

It takes a great artist like Richter to make a simple subject so evocative. Illuminating comments from the lecturer too. Will miss these daily snippets after Christmas!

Jenny Hill Thu, 23/12/2021 - 11:36 Permalink

Very moving depiction of a ery simple subject

Sylvia mccann Thu, 23/12/2021 - 11:31 Permalink

Thank you for the introduction to such an evocative piece of art....a really wonderful journey.

jacqui Thu, 23/12/2021 - 11:17 Permalink

It looks like a real candle. Masterly painted.

Rita Thu, 23/12/2021 - 11:06 Permalink

Thanks again for a wonderful series of different and varied tasty bites. Happy Christmas to you all, and a healthy and happy 2022

Barbara p Thu, 23/12/2021 - 11:04 Permalink

I must be a very unromantic man but I don’t share our lecturers fertile imagination. I see the prospect of a candle burning down and out not as hope for the future but the opposite. However with a £6 - 9,000,000 auction estimate, I might generate some hope!
I greatly appreciate these 24 lecture cameos which certainly stimulate thoughts. Thank you!

David Yates Thu, 23/12/2021 - 10:11 Permalink

Thoroughly enjoyed all the Advent delights thank you

rs Marie H For… Thu, 23/12/2021 - 09:50 Permalink

Ethereal and so beautiful!

Mary Bradley Thu, 23/12/2021 - 09:41 Permalink

Feel very emotional after viewing today's treat. Thank you

Linda Quinlan Thu, 23/12/2021 - 09:36 Permalink